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We live in a world of constant stress, demands, and obligations. In all the daily distractions we encounter between work, family, and everyday life, we sometimes forget to take care of ourselves. The Covery Wellness Spa is here to solve the question of how can we recover better? And, in turn, how do we get more quality out of life?

We started researching different types of therapies designed to decrease stress, increase blood flow and circulation, and boost immunity and energy. Then, with the arrival of COVID-19 the world came to a stop and our entire philosophy changed; it evolved. We realized that we needed to pivot our philosophy from that of enhancing recovery to one that looked to optimize overall health and wellness at a cellular level.

The definition of health and wellness has changed. We all have realized that we need to be more proactive towards our own health and wellbeing. By being more proactive we can live an active life for as long as possible, and isn’t that the point of living a longer life anyways?

The Covery Wellness Spa provides non-invasive therapies designed to enhance and optimize the health journeys of those in the communities we support. Through our customized wellness journey, you are provided with the tools and the education that is needed to reach your overall health and wellness goals. If you are looking to support your overall health and wellness, improve your recovery from rigorous training, or to improve your overall appearance – The Covery is for you.

We provide everything you need to live, glow, and perform, through our customized journeys and therapies.

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